Erschienen am 2.12.2012

How to Live Without Irony (
Christy Wampole: „What will future generations make of this rampant sarcasm and unapologetic cultivation of silliness? Will we be satisfied to leave an archive filled with video clips of people doing stupid things? Is an ironic legacy even a legacy at all?“

Subcompact Publishing (Craig Mod)
„Tablet and smartphone books and magazines are not so obvious. They’re so not obvious that we often need tutorials explaining just how to use them.“

Rainald Goetz: Wut ist Energie (Die Zeit)
Langes Interview von Ijoma Mangold und Moritz von Uslar. So viele gute Stellen. „Ich werde selber gern angegriffen, ich finde es furchtbar, aber ich finde es gut. Also ich finde, das ist ein öffentlichkeitsfördernder, positiver Vorgang, wenn Streit herrscht.“

The Bookstore Strikes Back (The Atlantic)
„Two years ago, when Nashville lost its only in-town bookstores, the novelist Ann Patchett decided to step into the breach. Parnassus Books, which Patchett and two veteran booksellers envisioned, designed, financed, and manage, is now open for business and enjoying the ride.“

The Intellectual Situation (n+1)
„Let Them Eat Print!“