Erschienen am 9.12.2012

Google’s Lost Social Network (BuzzFeed)
„The sad, surprising story of Google Reader.“

Godspeed You! Black Emperor: Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! (Pitchfork)
Mark Richardson: „If Godspeed around the turn of the millennium felt like a band of the moment, now, in a time of rapid cultural turnover and bite-sized music consumption, they feel out of step in a very necessary way.“

Tablets are waiting for their Movable Type (Signal vs. Noise)
„Now is a great time for another Movable Type. Writers would love a way to push serialized content straight to tablets, and the experience would be a boon to readers.“

Feds Charge Anonymous Spokesperson for Sharing Hacked Stratfor Credit Cards (
„A Dallas grand jury has brought charges against Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown stemming from the 2011 hack of intelligence vendor Stratfor Global Intelligence. Brown isn’t charged with committing the hack; just with possessing and transmitting credit card numbers that were stolen in the incident.“

Rückblick: Was 2012 alles nicht geschah (
zeitweise: „Die überraschenden Entwicklungen der letzen Dezemberwoche finden in keinem Jahresrückblick mehr Berücksichtigung, da alle Jahresrückblicke bereits bis Mitte Dezember erschienen sind.“