Klicks #23: Gamma, #graveyardshift und das Web von gestern

Erschienen am 25.1.2015

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A Spy in the Machine
Amar Toor und Russell Brandom, The Verge
„British-German software, sold to Bahraini police, who used it to spy on Bahraini exiles in London. It’s too broad for local law enforcement and too small to warrant an international incident. In the past, Gamma has deflected legal action, either by claiming it had nothing to do with FinFisher’s installation or that the software had been pirated. This time, those denials won’t work.“
4400 Wörter, Lesedauer 11 Minuten

What the Web Said Yesterday
Jill Lepore, The New Yorker
Über die Arbeit des Internet Archives: „The Web dwells in a never-ending present. It is—elementally—ethereal, ephemeral, unstable, and unreliable. Sometimes when you try to visit a Web page what you see is an error message: ‚Page Not Found.‘ This is known as ‚link rot,‘ and it’s a drag, but it’s better than the alternative. More often, you see an updated Web page; most likely the original has been overwritten.“
6200 Wörter, Lesedauer 15 Minuten

How Paper Magazine’s web engineers scaled their back-end for Kim Kardashian
Paul Ford, Medium.com
Wie große, moderne Webseiten funktionieren: „Hosting that butt is an impressive feat. You can’t just put Kim Kardashian nudes on the Internet and walk away —that would be like putting up a tent in the middle of a hurricane. Your web server would melt. You need to plan.“
3600 Wörter, Lesedauer 9 Minuten

Inside Snapchat’s original media ambitions
John McDermott, Digiday
Von der Plattform zum Publisher: „The platform has spent the last several months hiring a host of journalists, videographers and animators.“
900 Wörter, Lesedauer 2 Minuten

Instagram’s Graveyard Shift
Jeff Sharlet, New York Times
„This is the ghost world of #graveyardshift (…) These pictures may be clever or maudlin, silly or harrowing or sad. ‚Desperate‘ is a word that comes to mind, but so does ‚resigned.‘ And even ‚resistance.‘ Sometimes it’s in the form of a gag, a ridiculous pose; sometimes it’s in the form of a gaze so steady that it seems to warm the fluorescent panels framing so many of these pictures. The hashtag itself is a form of solidarity.“
1600 Wörter, Lesedauer 4 Minuten

Pirating the 2015 Oscars HD Edition
Andy Baio, Medium.com
„Pirates are now watching films at higher quality than the industry insiders voting on them.“
1400 Wörter, Lesedauer 4 Minuten

Deep Lab Lecture Series
„The Deep Lab Lecture Series compiles four evenings of free lecture presentations given by ten leading experts on digital culture. (…) Deep Lab is a collective of cyberfeminist researchers, organized by Studio Fellow Addie Wagenknecht.“ (via Hakan Tanriverdi)

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