Klicks #28: So, so original

Erschienen am 18.4.2015

originalSnackabilityFoto: Ole Reißmann


PhotoViz (Video)
Nicholas Felton, Webstock
„At the intersection of photography and data visualization is a place where optical techniques reveal complex phenomena and data viz starts to resemble a photographic process. PhotoViz investigates the opportunities and crossover between these two mediums and their value in a world overwhelmed by both data and photos.“

Here Is Google’s Internal Response to the Imminent EU Charges
Mark Bergen, Re/code
„The EU is reportedly plotting a fine as large as $6.4 billion, roughly a tenth of Google’s annual revenue. The Financial Times first reported the news. And Google is prepping a response. Re/code obtained an internal memo discussing the impending charges.“

My 5.5 Months on Soylent: The Joys of Not Cooking
Erik Flowers
Wer keine Lust mehr auf Essen hat, kann sich nun von Schleim ernähren. Funktioniert offenbar nach einer interessanten Startphase recht gut: „Let’s cut right to it: Yes there’s bad, uh, digestion based ‚aromas‘ at first.“

:-o: The surprising power of emoticons
Chris Baraniuk, BBC Future
Schöne Einführung ins Thema mit nützlichen Links.


„Traditional TV viewing for teens and tweens is dead. Not dying. Dead.“
Stuart Dredge, Guardian
Über eine Präsentation des YouTube-Netzwerk AwesomenessTV. Erst wird auf die herkömmlichen Sender geschimpft, dann will man doch mit ihnen ins Geschäft kommen.

The Truth About Black Twitter
Donovan X. Ramsey, The Atlantic
„Complex, influential, and far more meaningful than the sum of its social justice-driven hashtags.“ Mit einem Interview der Journalismus-Professoerin Meredith Clark, die unter anderem sagt: „I just don’t see enough engagement with these individuals who are starting certain hashtags, raising particular conversations. The fact that I don’t see them directly quoted, and the fact that I don’t see them being interviewed, I don’t see widespread efforts to actually understand their views, their community, the people that they’re tweeting with and to.“


A/A Testing: How I increased conversions 300% by doing absolutely nothing
David Kadavy
„Running an A/A test for every email for 8 months really gave me a feel for how misleading A/B test “results” can be. Check out some of the “results” I got from changing nothing at all.“

The best mind mapping app: MindNode
Mike Schmitz, The Sweet Setup
„The UI is simple and intuitive, even if you’re not an experienced mind mapper. In fact, you could probably start using MindNode without even fully understanding the concept of mind mapping because the user interface will actually teach you how to do it.“


24+ Brilliant New Words We Should Add To A Dictionary
Dovas, Bored Panda
Destinesia. Masturdating. (via Weekly Filet)

Math for eight-year-olds: graph theory for kids!
Joel David Hamkins

Tell us your story
„All the brands that want to hear your stories.“

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