Klicks #27: Facebook, Fefe und Screenshorts

Erschienen am 3.4.2015

kabelMarkierung für Glasfaserkabel vom alten zum neuen Facebook-Büro Foto: Ole Reißmann

Facebook ‚tracks all visitors, breaching EU law‘
Samuel Gibbs, The Guardian
„The issue revolves around Facebook’s use of its social plugins such as the “Like” button, which has been placed on more than 13m sites including health and government sites.“

Tidal, Apple, Beyonce, and the Future of Streaming Music
Dave Pell, Next Draft
„You just held a press conference with some of the biggest celebrities of our time. And the consumer buzz and press you got wasn’t even close to a Tim Cook Apple keynote. You’re in the technology business now. And we’re all in a new world. Today, product is a bigger star than any celebrity.“ (via @hakantee)

Meerkat is dying – and it’s taking U.S. tech journalism with it
Tero Kuittinen, BGR
„The ugly truth that U.S. tech media has declined to mention even in passing is that Meerkat had never been a hit to begin with. All those breathless media reports about ‚the hot new app‘ and ‚the break-out app‘ were deeply misleading at best — and cynical legerdemain at worst.“ Man könnte auch einfach sagen: Journalisten haben das Potential von Meerkat gut eingeschätzt und Twitter sitzt mit Periscope einfach am längeren Hebel.

My Quantified Email Self Experiment: A failure
Paul Ford, The Message
„I have an archive of my own email going back 18 years, containing 450,000 messages. One day I decided to make it searchable. Not half-searchable but fully, dynamically, programmably searchable. My big idea was: If I can quickly look through all of my old emails (…) I’ll learn something fundamental about myself.“


Einführung in den Fefismus
Michael Seemann, mspr0.de
Es gibt Menschen, die halten Fefes publizistisches Schaffen für ein Problem: „Fefe hat eine gewisse Strukturähnlichkeit mit dem Konservativen-Feuilleton-Man, allerdings mit noch weniger Ahnung und einer ganz besonderen Aversion gegen Recherche. Aber wenn sich seine reaktionäre Sicht auf die Welt mit seiner aggressiven Ignoranz paart, wird es besonders schlimm.“

How Facebook could kill the news brand
Felix Salmon, Fusion
„If Facebook becomes the new YouTube in that respect, and if Facebook continues to grow as a trusted news source in its own right, then the result could be an existential crisis for news organizations with old-fashioned things like editors and fact-checkers and clear ethical guidelines.“ (Facebook ist die Firma, die Nutzern besonders positive oder negative Postings angezeigt hat, um zu sehen, was passiert.)

Is Vice Getting Nice?
Carrie Battan, New York Magazine
Über Ellis Jones, die neue Chefin der „Vice“: „She made an executive decision to do away with the magazine’s fashion coverage, opting instead to use those pages for photojournalistic spreads. In her first issue atop the masthead, Vice ran a 6,500-word investigation into the killing of a transgender Filipina woman by a U.S. marine, along with a new piece of fiction by ex-Believer editor Heidi Julavits.“

How The Screenshort Could Save Us From Horrible Headlines
Charlie Warzel, BuzzFeed
„It’s an intimate, user-instigated behavior that still feels organic, and it’s an extremely efficient way to share digestible chunks of text that get around Twitter’s character limits and Facebook’s truncation. But perhaps more important, taken together, these elements begin to provide an even greater service in the fractured and frenetic new-media ecosystem: Screenshorts could be a real solution to bizarre, nü-internet–style headlines.“


Paste Without Style
Craig Hockenberry, furbo.org
„Every time I mention the workaround shown below, there are many retweets and favorites.“ Für Mac-Nutzer.

Typography Cheatsheet
Jeremiah Shoaf, Typewolf
„A comprehensive guide to using proper typographic characters, including correct grammatical usage.“

Trailer zu „Drei Eier im Glas“
Filmladen Filmverleih, YouTube
„Der neue Film mit Stermann & Grissemann und Heinz Strunk.“ Angst. Auch, nun ja, gut: der Kurzfilm „Trittschall im Kriechkeller“.

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