Klicks #37: Bots like these

Erschienen am 1.7.2015



The internet is the answer to all the questions of our time
Cory Doctorow, The Guardian
„There are many fights more important than the fight over how the internet is regulated. Equity in race, gender, sexual preference; the widening wealth gap; the climate crisis. (…) Except for one thing: the internet is how every one of these fights will be won or lost.“

Dazu passt sehr gut der Greek Bailout Found auf Indiegogo. Dort wird gegen die Pleite Griechenlands gesammelt. Eine halbe Million Euro von insgesamt benötigten 1,6 Milliarden Euro ist schon versprochen. Bevor das jetzt als Quatsch abgetan wird: Allein die Möglichkeit ist faszinierend. Regierungen diskutieren und drohen, Bürger legen zusammen und setzen damit ein Zeichen für die Europäische Union.

Between Kickstarter’s frauds and phenoms live long-delayed projects
Casey Johnston, Ars Technica
„Many product-oriented Kickstarter projects, even the multimillion dollar ones, tend to stumble because they hit a logistics dead zone.“

With bots like these, who needs friends?
Tim Moynihan, Wired
„You can outsource communication to an automated archetype that approximates their role in your social sphere.“

Dylann Roof, 4chan, and the New Online Racism
Jacob Siegel, The Daily Beast
„4chan’s trolling culture didn’t just birth Guy Fawkes hacktivism — it also inspired the racist and neo-fascist sites where the Charleston terrorist lurked.“

Safari is the new IE
Nolan Lawson, Read the Tea Leaves
„I think there is a general feeling among web developers that Safari is lagging behind the other browsers. (…) So what can we do, when one of the major browser vendors is stuck in the 2010 model?“


Hackers watch „Hackers“ (the movie)
Simon Chetrit, Hopes & Fears
„Hackers was a financial flop, but its hilariously over-the-top early CGI visuals, oddly prescient view on technology, and glam-cyberpunk aesthetic rendered it a cult classic.“

Original Gamer
Carli Velocci, Motherboard
„The Game Boy is an old, slow, clunky, goofy looking piece of hardware that is basically capable of nothing, but thats where its beauty lies.“

The Essential Cyberpunk Reading List
Diana Biller, io9
Sehr gute Übersicht. Aus den Kommentaren: „Actually, I see cyberpunk as the beginning of the end of readable science fiction. The literary quality of the cyberpunk genre is marginal at best, and its pretensions and tropes are quite ugly.“ Naja…

18 Years Later, Why Are People Still Playing Ultima Online?
Jake Tucker, Rock, Paper, Shotgun
„Player created civilisations, unique monsters, and the sheer mystery of the world combine to keep this ancient MMO compelling.“


365 Days of Pixel Art
Ben Porter, Medium
„A year ago I started a pixel art club on Twitter called @Pixel_Dailies. Each day we (Dario and I) tweet out a theme and everyone spends a short time making some pixel art.“

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