13 Reasons You Should Follow Pinboard On Twitter

Erschienen am 24.2.2014

Pinboard wants to be a bookmarking website for introverted people in a hurry. There are no free accounts. The service is run solely by Maciej Cegłowski. He tweets a lot.

1. He cares dearly for his valued customers.

2. Support requests are answered immediately. (If at all.)

3. There will be great new features. Just not on Pinboard.

4. „Service Unavailable“

5. He has style. You might not.

6. Pinboard down?

7. Nah, he is good.

8. He bows to Twitters sustainable business practices.

9. He really loves LinkedIn. We all do.

10. His love for LinkedIn is only surpassed by his admiration for the language of marketing.

11. But most importantly: Usually Pinboard just works.

12. And then there is this:

13. And also this:

Maciej Cegłowski, thank you for a great service. And being yourself on Twitter.