Klicks #14

Erschienen am 22.11.2014

Mr. Gif

Twine, the Video-Game Technology for All
Laura Hudson, The New York Times
„The egalitarian ease of Twine has made it particularly popular among people who have never written a line of code — people who might not even consider themselves video-game fans, let alone developers. (…) Twine games look and feel profoundly different from other games, not just because they’re made with different tools but also because they’re made by different people — including people who don’t have any calcified notions about what video games are supposed to be or how they’re supposed to work.“
4500 Wörter, Lesedauer 11 Minuten

The rise of the professional cyber athlete
Ben McGrath, The New Yorker
„Scarlett, the most accomplished woman in e-sports, is known for her macro mutalisk style and kick-ass creep spread.“
10400 Wörter, Lesedauer 20 Minuten

Ten Years of World of Warcraft
Raph Koster
Gute Übersicht und Einordnung: „WoW has always been a contradiction of sorts: not the pioneer, but the one that solidified the pattern. Not the experimenter, but the one that reaped the rewards. Not the innovator, but the one that was well-designed, built solidly, and made appealing. (…) World of Warcraft effectively made MMOs perfect, and in the process, it killed them.“
2600 Wörter, Lesedauer 6 Minuten

What is a Hacker?
Steven Levy, Backchannel
Zwölf Experten sinnieren über den Begriff „Hacker“. Einige waren selbst welche. Auch Bruce Sterling ist dabei: „In depression-ridden, warlike 2014, we’re getting the ‚hackers‘ we deserve. The situation’s bad because our times are bad.“ Der ganze Beitrag von Bruce Sterling ist unbedingt lesenswert.
2300 Wörter, Lesedauer 5 Minuten

Cyberwar is bullshit
Russell Brandom, The Verge
Schöner Kommentar: „The reality is all offense, all collateral damage. We’re building better and better weapons, protecting the most powerful parts of society from attack, then leaving everyone else to fend for themselves. It isn’t America vs. China, and it isn’t cops vs. robbers. It’s boots vs. faces.“
600 Wörter, Lesedauer eine Minute

In the Trenches of the Facebook Election
John Herrman, The Awl
„For a profession locked in a perpetual psychodrama with Facebook, I think journalism underestimates Facebook. It’s not that journalists don’t pay enough attention to the site (god no, lol), just that, as a journalist, your perspective is obscured, and it’s difficult to conceive of Facebook from the outside. You experience it through your profile, your site’s official page, your stories, or your analytics suite. It feels both unfathomably more powerful than you and yet somehow all about you; your experience is acute and personal but so are the experiences of other users, which are therefore inaccessible.“
1500 Wörter, Lesedauer 4 Minuten

Reimagining news from the ground up
Andrew Haeg, Medium
„Radio producer and media development expert Jesse Hardman and his colleague Kate Richardson send out a question via SMS every week to a growing list of 600-plus ’sources‘ who they’ve cultivated at events, over the radio, with flyers and posters and other forms of outreach. Typically at least 10 percent, and sometimes more, text or call back with their story.
2200 Wörter, Lesedauer 5 Minuten

Bombing the Net: A Conversation with Susan Farrell
Lisa Wells, The Toast
„Twenty years ago this fall, Susan Farrell created Art Crimes, the first webpage devoted to street graffiti. What began as a photo gallery with “no explanations offered” soon became the hub of an emerging conversation, complete with how-to guides, interviews and manifestos.“
4900 Wörter, Lesedauer 12 Minuten

All Hacker News Evergreen Stories Ordered by Score
Ben Autrey, Contextly
„This resource contains all evergreen stories posted to Hacker News through November 7th, 2014. Up to that time, 1,544,661 stories were submitted to Hacker News. Of those stories, 6,826 have been identified as evergreen. They are posted here ordered by score.“

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