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Erschienen am 19.12.2014


The Troll Hunters
Adrian Chen, MIT Technology Review
„A group of journalists and researchers wade into ugly corners of the Internet to expose racists, creeps, and hypocrites. Have they gone too far?“
4200 Wörter, Lesedauer 10 Minuten

What Happened When Marissa Mayer Tried to Be Steve Jobs
Nicholas Carlson, New York Times
Buchauszug mit vielen Details und guter Analyse: „Yahoo grew into a colossus by solving a problem that no longer exists. And while Yahoo’s products have undeniably improved, and its culture has become more innovative, it’s unlikely that Mayer can reverse an inevitability unless she creates the next iPod. All breakthrough companies, after all, will eventually plateau and then decline.“
7200 Wörter, Lesedauer 18 Minuten

We will be bloggers again
Nick Denton, Gawker
Das jährliche Memo des Gawker-Chefs: „We all understand how this works. Editorial traffic was lifted but often by viral stories that we would rather mock. We — the freest journalists on the planet — were slaves to the Facebook algorithm.“ Gawker hat 300 Mitarbeiter und macht 60 Millionen Dollar Umsatz.
4100 Wörter, Lesedauer 10 Minuten

Email Newsletter Draws Fans Like Oprah Winfrey – and Investors
Michael J. de la Merced, New York Times
Danielle Weisberg und Carly Zakin haben für ihren Newsletter TheSkimm gerade 6,25 Millionen Dollar von Investoren eingesammelt: „A simple briefing, written in the voice of their best friends, distilling the top news of the day in a compelling way.“
700 Wörter, Lesedauer 2 Minuten

Was wir 2014 über Verschwörungstheorien gelernt haben
Stefan Lauer, Vice
„Dr. Axel Stoll, der Godfather of Verschwörungstheorien, hat 2014 den Strafplaneten verlassen.“
1000 Wörter, Lesedauer 3 Minuten

My Must-Have iPad Apps, 2014 Edition
Federico Viticci, MacStories
Wer ein iPad nutzt, ist hier gut aufgehoben: „It is with extreme seriousness, then, that I take a look at the apps I consider my “must-haves” each December and compile them in a list for MacStories. This allows me to sit down and calmly evaluate how I use my devices, the software I depend on, and how much the way I use apps has changed in 12 months.“
5400 Wörter, Lesedauer 13 Minuten

Nathan Friend
A digital replica of the classic Spirograph toy. Written in TypeScript, using D3.js.

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