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Erschienen am 25.12.2014

Minecraft Yule Log Holiday Fireplace auf YouTube

YouTube’s Chief, Hitting a New ‘Play’ Button
Jonathan Mahler, New York Times
Über Susan Wojcicki und ihre Pläne: „The goal is to bridge the gap between Silicon Valley and Hollywood, to turn YouTube stars into just plain stars. To help get them there, Ms. Wojcicki has led a major marketing push — YouTube’s first — with billboards, magazine ads and even traditional TV commercials for some of its most popular celebrities.“
3700 Wörter, Lesedauer 9 Minuten

What People Get Wrong About PewDiePie, YouTube’s Biggest Star
Patricia Hernandez, Kotaku
„Until late this year, I was not one of the millions of subscribers that watched Pewdiepie videos. I avoided him, I think, because I’d heard bad things. But I had to start watching. If he’s the future, I wanted to know more about it.“
3600 Wörter, Lesedauer 9 Minuten

Mysterious Boston woman is top Amazon reviewer
Billy Baker, Boston Globe
„Ali Julia has written more than 2,800 reviews on Amazon.com. … ‚It’s a weird, creepy subculture,‘ said Mandy Payne, who is No. 10 in the rankings. ‚I get hate mail. I’ve had death threats. But then I also have fans who seem to follow everything I do. It’s bizarre.“
1200 Wörter, Lesedauer 3 Minuten

A Breakdown and Analysis of the Sony Hack
Risk Based Security
Ausführliche Analyse der Leaks mit technischen Details. „The second leak was considerably smaller, a mere 1.18GB containing two files named ‚Bonus.rar‘ and ‚List.rar‘. While the files are small, they perhaps contain the most sensitive data to be disclosed by this point.“
15000 Wörter, Lesedauer 37 Minuten

David Carr: All the views he’s fit to print
James Bradshaw, Globe and Mail
„Mr. Carr has leaped feet-first into journalism’s evolving digital playground. His chatty Twitter feed ranges from news to life at home and has amassed, at last count, nearly 462,000 followers. He reads long-form stories on Gawker and BuzzFeed. The course work for his class at Boston U is done through Medium, a collaborative website for writers, and students are evaluated ‚as much by what you put in the margins of others’ work as you are for your own.“
2300 Wörter, Lesedauer 6 Minuten

The Site that Pays You to Read Pirated Articles
Brian Merchant, Vice Motherboard
„The ​Daily Paywall is a new website that’s loaded with tens of thousands of pirated articles from some of the world’s top paywalled newspapers, and its proprietor will pay you to read them.“
600 Wörter, Lesedauer 2 Minuten

Free Privacy Programs Worth Your Year-End Donations
Andy Greenberg, Wired
„Free software isn’t free. Someone’s got to shell out for the expensive development, maintenance, bug fixes and updates for programs that so many of us who live online have come to see as almost natural resources.“
1200 Wörter, Lesedauer 3 Minuten

„There are only four circles here and they don’t touch. C’mon brain you can do this.“ — Kyle Hill

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