Klicks #25: Neo Tokyo, Google-Zerstörung und Popcorn

Erschienen am 9.3.2015


A digital public space is Britain’s missing national institution
Jemima Kiss, The Guardian
Eine schlagende Idee: Der öffentlich-rechtliche Rundfunk, hier in Form der BBC in Großbritannien, möge sich doch bitte um einen öffentlichen Raum im Netz kümmern! Damit das Internet auch Raum für Ideen, freie Rede, Kultur und Kunst ist, nicht nur eine verlängerte Shoppingmeile, in der Konzerne Regeln und Geschmack vorgeben.
900 Wörter, Lesedauer 2 Minuten

Hollywood should be very afraid of Popcorn Time
John McDuling, Quartz
„Popcorn Time is one of the most fascinating stories on the internet at the moment. It is a platform that allows people to access vast swathes of video content without paying for it, but with a clean, legitimate-looking (and somewhat Netflix-y) interface. In other words, it’s not a shady looking portal that makes you feel dirty for using it.“
1600 Wörter, Lesedauer 4 Minuten

Data is the New “___”
Sara M. Watson, DIS Magazine
„So what do we talk about when we talk about data? ‚Data is the new oil.‘ ‚We’re mining the data for insights.‘ ‚We’re learning to cope with the data deluge, and working out how best to tap it.‘ ‚The work of data scientists is janitorial.‘ The dominant metaphors for understanding data are industrial.“
2150 Wörter, Lesedauer 5 Minuten

That Way We’re All Writing Now
Clive Thompson, The Message
„You’ve likely seen this style of writing all over the place — on Tumblr, Twitter, Snapchat, Yik Yak, or anywhere that people communicate in writing. It goes like this (…) But this trend: What’s going on with it? How does it work? Why do people employ it so frequently? It turns out there are four big reasons why.“
1200 Wörter, Lesedauer 3 Minuten

Anatomy of a Hack
Russell Brandom, The Verge
Wie ein Identitätsdiebstahl funktioniert, inklusive Übernahme von Telefonnummer und Bitcoin-Wallet. „Strictly speaking, there are supposed to be more safeguards required.“
2000 Wörter, Lesedauer 5 Minuten

William Gibson Interview: His Buzz Rickson Line, Tech Wear, and the Limits of Authenticity
David Shuck, Rawr Denim
Cyperpunk-Autor William Gibson hat nach seinem Buch „Pattern Recognition“ vor mehr als zehn Jahren tatsächlich mit Mode angefangen und erzählt hier über seine Militärjacken.
3000 Wörter, Lesedauer 8 Minuten

Unindexed. A website that irrevocably deletes itself once indexed by Google
Matthew Rothenberg, Github
„The site is constantly searching for itself in Google, over and over and over, 24 hours a day. The instant it finds itself in Google search results, the site will instantaneously and irrevocably securely delete itself. Visitors can contribute to the public content of the site, these contributions will also be destroyed when the site deletes itself.“
† 24. Februar 2015

Cyberpunk City: Reframing Tokyo as a Futuristic Wonderland
Kurt Kohlstedt, Urbanist
„Sam Pritchard (…) grew up seeing the built environment through the lens of a skateboarder and urban explorer in England. Meanwhile, he developed fascination with futuristic cityscapes through (often Japanese) video games and movies, from Sega, Nintendo and Atari to Akira and Ghost in the Shell.“
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