Klicks #29: In allen Dingen Web

Erschienen am 21.4.2015



The Man Who Broke the Music Business
Stephen Witt, The New Yorker
Im Prinzip ist ein Typ für viele der größten Album-Leaks aller Zeiten verantwortlich: „Instead of pirating individual songs, RNS was pirating entire albums, bringing the pre-release mentality from software to music. The goal was to beat the official release date whenever possible, and that meant a campaign of infiltration against the major labels.“ Was für eine Geschichte!

Sauerkrauts Revolutions
Markus Spath, hackr.de
„Warum ist Deutschland in allen Dingen Web so daneben? (…) In Deutschland ist sicherlich einiges suboptimal, aber auch Medien und Politik, die zwei größten absichtlichen Bremser, können nichts verunmöglichen was wirklich ans Tageslicht will. Das große Unglück für die deutschen Startups sind die deutschen User.“

Meet the lawyer taking on Uber and the rest of the on-demand economy
Kashmir Hill, Fusion
„On-demand companies are playing heavy defense to avoid having to reclassify their contractors as employees. Among the measures Uber has taken is placing a binding clause in driver sign-up contracts, which prevents them from filing class-action lawsuits and requires them to settle disputes in arbitration instead.“


Homeless Millennials Are Transforming Hobo Culture
Betsy Isaacson, Newsweek
„The vagabond ecosystem is changing thanks to cellphones, Wi-Fi, Craigslist and Google Maps.“

Poor internet for poor people
Mahesh Murthy, Quartz
„Facebook chose to offer the distant-second search engine Bing instead of industry-leading Google. Why? Is it rivalry with Google? Or because of Microsoft’s stake in Facebook? And then Facebook’s Zero product features a tiny job site like Babajob instead of the industry-leading Naukri. Why? So that the poor have fewer job options?“

Slack Off. How workplace chat is changing office culture
Amanda Hess, Slate
„Given Slack’s knack for producing procrastination—Slack, it turns out, is not just a clever name—it’s not immediately clear why companies would be eager to get their workers on board. But Slack’s gamification of the workplace functions like a clever trap: Work is so fun, you never want to leave.“


21 takeaways from the 2015 Journalism Festival in Perugia
David Bauer
„Snapchat was a big absentee in the program, but rumor has it that it has been used excessively by a group of journalists to communicate and instacomment on panels and talks. I can’t prove it, though. It’s all gone.“

Ein-Mann-Nachrichtenfälschungsbetrieb schlägt halbe Redaktionen
Constanton Seibt, Tages-Anzeiger
„Relevanz ist die böse Antwort der Komiker auf ein Mediensystem, das mit mehr Tempo und weniger Geld zunehmend Unfug produziert.“


How to center in CSS
Oliver Zheng
„Centering in CSS is a pain in the ass. There seems to be a gazillion ways to do it, depending on a variety of factors. This consolidates them and gives you the code you need for each situation.“

We put a chip in it!
Neues Lieblings-Tumblr-Blog: „It was just a dumb thing. Then we put a chip in it. Now it’s a smart thing.“

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