Klicks #30: So inevitable

Erschienen am 27.4.2015

worldFoto: Will Langenberg


The Bot Bubble. How Click Farms Have Inflated Social Media Currency
Doug Bock Clark, New Republic
„A São Paulo gym might request 75 female Brazilian fitness fanatics, or a Castro-district bar might want 1,000 gay men living in San Francisco. Her current order is the most common: Facebook profiles of beautiful American women between the ages of 20 and 30.“

Facebook and the feed
Ben Thompson, Stratechery
„I will admit, I write this analysis with mixed feelings: from a strategic perspective, I think Facebook should go for it — be the dominant interaction model on mobile for every user on earth (outside of China). On the other hand, as an advocate and beneficiary of the open web, I do fear this future and wonder: What might be the broadband to Facebook’s dial-up?“

Will The Internet Just Fix Itself?
John Herrman, The Awl
„Right? It all feels so inevitable, and so fast, and so inline with perfect economic principles, that it always seems a little too soon to talk about it. (…) Or maybe the decentralized internet was an anomaly!“


Three days in Beijing with Ai Weiwei, Jacob Appelbaum and Laura Poitras, the global dissident elite
Kashmir Hill, Fusion
„As a result of their activism, Ai, Appelbaum, and Poitras have become three of the most justifiably paranoid people in the world.“

79 Theses on Technology. For Disputation
Chad Wellmon, The Hedgehog Review
„The internet groans in travail as it awaits its José María Arizmendiarrieta.“ (via kopfzeiler)

Dennis Crowley Takes Another Stab at Explaining Foursquare
Steven Levy, Backchannel
„It’s now two apps. It’s the location layer to the Web. It’s not a game. Well, one app is a game. It’s personal search, goddamnit! And it’s winning!“


Hacking an epic NHL goal celebration with a hue light show and real-time machine learning
François Maillet
„If you’re not familiar with machine learning, think of it as building algorithms that can learn from data. The type of ML task we need to do for this project is binary classification, which means making the difference between two classes of things.“

Encrypting your laptop like you mean it
Micah Lee, The Intercept
Einfache Anleitungen für Windows und Mac OS: „Your computer probably contains work documents, photos and videos, password databases, web browser histories, and other scattered bits of information that doesn’t belong to anyone but you. Everyone should be running full-disk encryption on their laptops.“


The King of Bullsh*t News
Alan White, Craig Silverman und Tom Phillips, BuzzFeed
„How a small British news agency and its founder fill your Facebook feed with stories that are wonderful, wacky – and often wrong. (…) The Chinese woman offering to sleep with men to fund her cross-country road trip? That was CEN. The Russian fisherman who was saved from a bear attack by a Justin Bieber ringtone? CEN. The Macedonian man who chopped his own penis off after his girlfriend told him it wasn’t big enough? Also CEN.“

What it’s like to have the social network of a celebrity, without actually being famous
Anil Dash, The Message
„Our technological leaders have built these tools in a way that explicitly promotes the idea that one’s follower count is the score we keep, the metric that matters. “


How to Turn Your Apple Watch Gold
Casey Neistat, YouTube
Hintergrund dazu: The Making of a Viral Video

4K dreamtime
Jacob + Katie Schwarz, YouTube
„Technically, what you’re looking at here is a video shot in 4K resolution and at 1000 frames/sec.“ (via kottke)

A brief history of science fiction
Jess, @neverjessie

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