Klicks #33: Vielmehr Überbleibsel

Erschienen am 23.5.2015

Foto: Tokyo Subway (via)NETZWELT

The Case Against Matt DeHart
Bethany Horne, Newsweek
„Matt DeHart says he was tortured for nearly a week by FBI agents chasing Anonymous, the hactivist collective, and WikiLeaks, the whistleblowing site.“ Horne auf Twitter: „Is the FBI using child porn charges to hide a national security investigation? I think so.“

How Shrek went from the world’s biggest animated franchise to the internet’s creepiest meme
Scott Meslow, The Week
„That would be the end of the story… if the dark corners of the internet hadn’t stepped in to give Shrek a bizarre second life as the subject of a staggering number of creepy, often X-rated memes.“

Deutsche zahlen gewaltig für winziges Datenvolumen
Stephan Dörner, Die Welt
„Nur in Ungarn bekommen die Kunden noch weniger für ihr Geld als in Deutschland.“ Aber hier ist ja Wettbewerb verpönt.


Top 10 data mining algorithms in plain English
Raymond Li
Endlich ahnen, was C4.5, k-means, Support vector machines, Apriori, EM, PageRank, AdaBoost, kNN, Naive Bayes und CART anstellen.

How To Name Your Computer and Other Machines
Tim Carmody, The Message
„One does not simply name a hard drive Steve. One does not go from a purely alphabetic naming scheme to a wholly arbitrary one. This would never do — not for nerds. You need a system. You need a scheme.“

Attack of the week: Logjam
Matthew Green
„There’s at least circumstantial evidence that similar (and more powerful) attacks might already be in the toolkit of some state-level attackers such as the NSA.“


Thought Catalog’s Reckoning
Zach Schonfeld, Newsweek
„There’s no New Yorker profile for the hugely popular outlet, whose Web traffic far surpasses that of many mainstream news sites. (…) As viral powerhouses Upworthy and BuzzFeed have sailed into the public eye in recent years with venture capital backing and—in the latter case—an ambitious investigative journalism unit, Thought Catalog has kept its staff small and its profile low.“

Mark Zuckerberg, das Phantom
Britta Weddeling, Handelsblatt
„Diesen Journalismus muss der Konzern nicht mehr fürchten, er ernährt sich vielmehr von seinen Überbleibseln. Zuckerberg braucht ihn bald nicht mehr. Er ist sich selbst das mächtigste Massenmedium.“

Art or journalism?
Paul Bradshaw, Online Journalism Blog
„The internet has opened up all sorts of creative possibilities for journalists – and artists. The following is just a selection of examples of both – but which is journalism, and which is art?“

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