Klicks #43: Burn and churn

Erschienen am 17.8.2015



Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace
Jodi Kantor und David Streitfeldaug, New York Times
Massive Recherche über die Arbeitsbedingungen der Amazon-Manager und -Verwalter. „In interviews, 40-year-old men were convinced Amazon would replace them with 30-year-olds who could put in more hours, and 30-year-olds were sure that the company preferred to hire 20-somethings who would outwork them.“

A Trail of Evidence Leading to AT&T’s Partnership with the NSA
Jeff Larson, Julia Angwin, Henrik Moltke und Laura Poitras, ProPublica
„By following breadcrumbs we found throughout the trove of documents released by Snowden, we were able to prove that a program called Fairview was the cover term for the agency’s partnership with AT&T.“

How to See Invisible Infrastructure
Ingrid Burrington, The Atlantic
„I spent a weekend at the International Utility Locate Rodeo, where people compete to find hidden cables, water mains, and gas lines.“


The Expansion of Digitalism and the New Reality
Leah Constantine, Adhoc
Überblick mit toller Linkliste am Ende: „Art is one of the oldest forms of visual discourse we’ve ever known. From viewing, to sharing, and even buying, we are seeing the world of art change before us.“

DEFCON 23 Badge Challenge
Jason Thor Hall und Brett Buerhaus, Team PotatoSec
Auf der Hacker-Konferenz Defcon gab es wieder ein Rätsel zu lösen. Hier sind die glücklichen Gewinner: „We attempted to break the 1’s and -’s by converting them into 5 bit binary baudot and then use a colossus simulation to crack them.“


Willi Thiel
„Awesome home automation with Raspberry PI and Arduino using Node.js, MongoDB, HTML5 and Websockets.“

Open sourcing Grid, the Guardian’s new image management service
Sébastien Cevey, Guardian Developer blog
„From the beginning, the vision was to provide a universal and fast experience accessing media that is well organised and using it in an affordable way to produce high-quality content.“

Peaks.js: Audio waveform rendering in the browser
Chris Finch, Thomas Parisot und Chris Needham, BBC R&D Blog
„How we prototyped a browser-based zoomable audio waveform view that allows users to interactively extract segments of the audio to download or share.“


„In Your Face, Paraguay“
Merlin Mann und John Roderick, Roderick on the Line, Episode 164
Erste halbe Stunde eingrooven, was dann kommt, ist eine der besten Podcast-Episoden überhaupt.

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